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We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!



We Colombian Fruit Group lead an  organic a transition in Colombia; generating a  positive  social  impact  by  helping, educating, guiding  &  assisting  colombian  fruit  growers in all  the regions  of  Colombia,  achieve  a  better  quality  of life and  assure  the  quality  fruit production  to  nourish  healthy  humans.


Our Vision

Colombian  Fruit  is  a  group  of  fruit  growers; families,  who  have  a deep  belief  in  the  importance  of  GOOD & ETHICAL AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES  to  obtain  a  high  quality  certified  Fruit  in  an  HARMONIC  EVIRONMENTAL  WAY.

All  of  our  special  care  farms  are  located  along  the  3 cordilleras  of  Colombia   where  the  humidity  and  the  wind  play  a   unique  roll  to  give  a  special   and   premium   quality  rich  fruit  during  all  year.

We,  the CFG families  commit  with  love  every  day  to  take  special  and  delicate  care  of  the  soil where  the  fruit  grows,  to  assure  the  safe  natural  development  and  quality  nutrients  of  each  rich  fruit  you  nourish  yourself  with.

What we stand for

“Holistic Quality Safety Assurance  &  Environmental  Natural  Balance  are  paramount  to  us  in  EVERYTHING  we  do”

All  of  our  farms  are  constantly  detail controlled,  analysed  and  evaluated  by  our  top agronomists and agro experts to maintain the natural and adequate balanced  environment  for  the  fruit  &  the  CFG families,  this  is  to  prevent any  collateral  damage  in the  grower’s  health  and  in  the  ecosystem.

It’s a priority  to  us  the  strong  bond  we  have  with  CFG families &  the  wellness  of  all the people, families and parts involved in the CFG enterprise, its a collective behaviour  policy.

We  are  engaged  with  social,  human  tissue  development  and  environmental protection  in  the  regions  where  the  farms  are  located,  promoting   ethical  agricultural  practices  and  leading  the  initiative  into  organic  transition.

We  have  a  strict  and  eco-friendly  specialized  program  with  quality  checks  &  control  tests  performed  constantly  at  all  stages  of  our development,  along  with  ICA  accreditation  &  Global GAP certificate  to  fully  comply  with  interstate  regulations.

We are now working towards obtaining Global Gap Grasp, Organic, Fair Trade & HACCP certificates.